Who are you?

Baseball is 90% mental. The other half is physical – Yogi Bara.

You are an athlete, parent, coach, performer, chief executive, or other determined individual. You are strong, dedicated and persistent. You are realistic and want to make the most of opportunities. You have been successful, promoted and recognized for achievements in the past, but something has happened; there is something holding you back. You may feel stuck, frozen or blocked. You may want to run away from the problem thinking you can escape, or fight back harder and with blind determination. All you know for sure is that you are better than what your current performance reflects back at you.

You have recognized there is an issue that is keeping you, or your team from fully experiencing their potential. Anxiety may hold you captive. You may end up“psyching yourself out” reminding yourself of the issue through negative self-talk such as: “I can’t”, “I should have”, or “I’m not good enough”. You may only recognize the issue when it is peak performance time, and at this point, the game is now on the line.

You are willing to invest in yourself. You know there is a solution to this elusive problem. You may even recognize the circumstance that created the problem, but despite the greater understanding, the issue remains. You may even be able to help others to resolve a similar issue, but like a surgeon who is unable to operate on their own knee, you feel powerless. You acknowledge the way you have approached the issue in the past has not worked to fully resolve the core problem.

You want to be better and successful, and are sure that it is possible.

You want to be your best now.

Why you need this?

Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside awakes – Carl Jung

You are ready to move:

  • away from the problem and towards the solution
  • away from illness and towards health
  • away from fear and doubt towards courage and confidence
  • away from imbalance towards stability and assuredness
  • away from anxiety and stress, towards feelings of relaxation and freedom
  • out from under the weight of burdens, to lightness of being
  • from potential to actualization

You can make steps to maximize your potential for yourself, your family, your team and your community. You understand your influence and take personal responsibility for being your best. You want to experience the flow of your top performance on a regular basis.

You already have the tools. Take the next step.