A little bit about me
and my previous work

Dr. Schweigert has dedicated more than 25 years to helping athletes thrive in both the physical and mental arenas of performance.

After completing a Family Practice residency at the University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio UTHSCSA) he became the first fellowship-trained Sports Medicine physician from UTHSCSA. The training afforded him various opportunities such as serving as the primary care team physician for the San Antonio Spurs, medical director for the Senior Olympics, and team physician for Trinity University in San Antonio.

Dr. Schweigert moved to New Mexico to start a private practice in a rural setting. He continued his work on the sidelines of many sporting events while also establishing himself among the community as a family practice physician. He served as team physician for two local high schools as well team physician for all athletics at New Mexico Highlands University, a NCAA D II institution. He was also physician for the New Mexico Athletic Association, covering sanctioned professional boxing, wrestling, and triathlons. In addition, Dr Schweigert was appointed medical director of La Vida HSO, the regional physician-hospital organization as well as Statcare, the community’s urgent care clinic. While living in New Mexico he began to expore eastern and indigenous health care philosophies and how those practices may be applicable in modern medicine.

Moving to the beautiful state of Oregon was the next step in Dr. Schweigert’s path in expanding his portfolio and medical practice. He was hired by Silverton Health as the Wellspring Clinic’s Integrative Medicine physician. Here he continued to study alternative therapies and embrace the importance of the mind body connection, and its impact on health and healing.
The 2009 recession undermined the viability of the Wellspring Clinic for Integrative Health and Dr. Schweigert’s expertise in sports medicine was utilized by Silverton Orthopedics and then the Legacy Health Care System. During his 12 years of service, he brought medical innovations including providing ultrasound-guided injections and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy. Dr. Schweigert continued to work as a primary care sports medicine physician and team physician for Woodburn High School and Willamette University.

Dr. Schweigert’s return to private practice is based on philosophical differences between the current practice of “sick care” and what health care can be. Health and healing are a natural state of being. When an individual is given the access to information, the tools to implement desired changes, and a skilled practitioner who can encourage and guide the patient, healing will naturally follow.

The breadth of experience in sports medicine – from the NBA to local school sidelines; and depth of knowledge from studying sports psychology to adopting cutting-edge therapies, Dr. Schweigert offers a rare spectrum of skill and experience unique in today’s health care systems.