Don’t take my word for it


Having had “blocks” that impeded her own success, Alison Wood sought Dr. Schweigert’s professional expertise.

“I had immediate and quantifiable improvement with Brainspotting. What would have taken 3-6 months of added physical
training and traditional workouts was completely and totally resolved in an hour. This is a completely different level of mental preparedness. Brainspotting is now a secret weapon in my toolbox guaranteeing me a level of success I never would have had before. The investment in your workouts, nutrition, and equipment is advanced exponentially with the addition of mental preparedness. This is the answer to lead you past your tears to make you the best athlete you can be.”

Alison WoodWorld Record Holder Women’s Masters High Jump (1.67m), and American Record Holder Women’s Master High Jump (1.65m).